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[Scare 12] Weird Deja Vu...Thing

[Voice Post]

Does anybody else feel like they've been somewhere like Econtra before? I mean, I keep having this weird feeling like this place looks like somewhere else, but I can never think of where.

I'm probably going nuts.

[[OOC: Yup, Ickis is one of the amnesia victims. As such, he only remembers Econtra, not his life before. And since I'm one of those people who believes that it's your environment, not your genetics that mostly shapes your personality, Ickis is gonna be slightly different since all of his experiences back home, to him, never took place.]]

[Scare 11] Halloween!

[[OOC: This thing is backdated as will the following thread because fail!mun is full of fail. I went to a Halloween party and forgot yesterday since NaNoWriMo started. D:]]

[Voice Post]

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Um...and those of you guys who don't celebrate or have it or whatever, just have a good day!


[Accidental Voice Post]

[There is a clack, clack, clack as the messenger activates upon hitting the floor. There is the sound of deliberately out-of-tune humming, the sound incredibly cheerful.]

Just six more days!

[There is more excited humming and the occasional high-pitched laugh until the recorder times out.]


[Scare 10] Paranoia, Paranoia...

[Voice Post]

[Voice sounds exceptionally nervous. The speaker also seems cracked out on lack of sleep.]

Suddenly, having rabbit [word is spoken with obvious loathing] ears isn't so bad. I mean, [squeaky laugh] I don't have to worry about anybody sneaking up on me and slitting my throat or strangle me or use me for target practice or put me in a stew or...[rambling continues in this vein for several minutes]

N-N-Not that I can think of any reason why I need to worry, right? [More squeaky laughter.] Nope. Nothing at all!

I need to go forage and I'll be just fine. Nothing out there. Just like normal.

[The laughter this time is breathy, as if on the verge of hyperventilating, before the recording clicks off.]

[Scare 09] I'm Okay?

[Voice Post]

[The message starts in mid-groan as the speaker activates it.]

I'm alive? But didn't I just...die? Not that I'm complaining but...

[There is a noticeable pause.]

That cuff's gone?

[A groan.]

I don't get this place. What were those things?


[Accidental Voice Post]

[There is the sound of the user panting as he runs. There is a sharp crack! followed by the sound of crumbling.]

[The user shrieks and, apparently, makes it out of the way. More panting as the little creature apparently continues fleeing.]

[Another rumble.]

I'm sorry, Dad.

[Another crack! The messenger is jostled, clattering clearly against the ground. It continues to record the thunder and lightning until it either times out or is struck itself.]

[[OOC: So, yeah, Ickis died...however permanent or semi-permanent that death will end up being. His last words were gonna be something else originally but then his inferiority complex kicked in. Argh. Anybody else having problems writing last words?]]


[Accidental Voice Post]

[There is a groan and the sound of a few bones popping, as if the speaker hasn't moved in quite a while.]

Ow...what happened?

[A stumbling sound as the speaker seems to be trying to stand up and move around, clearly disoriented. There is a BANG! and a yelp of pain.]

[The recording times out as the speaker continues stumbling about, occasionally hitting objects and yelping.]


[Scare 08] Thank You

[Voice Post]

[The voice sounds a lot more chipper than it did in his last post.]

Thanks, Takion, Ms. Persephone, for the little party. It was really nice of you guys.

[[OOC: I would've loved to do a thread with you guys, but I've got a killer migraine going right now, so no Internet tonight for me. Sorry. :(]]


[Scare 07] Tomorrow is What?

[Voice Post]

I just realized that tomorrow's my birthday.

Last year, Krumm, Oblina, and I went out scaring and then fished under the bridge. It was awesome. My dad even managed to drop by the Academy the next day since his flight got rescheduled.


...I miss my dad and Krumm and Oblina!