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Ickis [OU]

Ickis [OU]
2 October
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Character: Ickis (his friend Oblina also calls him “Icky” as a nickname)
Series/Fandom: Aaahh!! Real Monsters
Original or Alternate: Original
Age: 115 116
Gender: Male
Species: Monster
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ickis is small, standing no taller than two feet, three and a half if you count the long ears that give him the appearance of a bunny rabbit. His feet are shaped like the shoes of one of Santa’s elves while his body is shaped like the bottom half of an hourglass. He has four claws on each hand which act as his fingers. His eyes are bright yellow with black pupils while most of his body is the color magenta. The only other exception is his lips which are a gray blue. He has no visible nose but does possess a sense of smell. He also has a set of fangs.

Overall, Ickis looks absolutely ridiculous. Certainly not in the least bit intimidating.

As the son of the greatest scarer ever to graduate from the Monster Academy yet being last in the class, Ickis has a serious inferiority complex. This leads to him trying to show off or fly under the radar in an attempt to avoid failure by turns. He’s also prone to panic, the level of which can go from simple worry to full-blown panic attack. A bit of a coward, he tends to be a bit jumpy.

However, Ickis is generally friendly and loves to have a good time. He’s also curious about human things, a fact that has gotten him into trouble at the Academy more times than he can count. And while he’s supposed to scare humans, he has—on occasion—befriended and even helped a few in the past.

Ickis is a born Loomer, which means he has the ability to increase in size, going from small monster to gigantic terror. When using this ability, his eyes turn red, his fangs grow longer, and his entire body grows until it fills up a room. And even though he’s a coward who jumps at strange noises he can’t just explain away, Ickis has been known to really shine when pushed to his absolute limits. This is usually when his Loom is most effective at terrifying those around him.

Either due to or in spite of his small size, he’s very nimble and quick. This is particularly useful when going from hiding place to hiding place while setting up a scare or from fleeing after one. And because he’s so small, he has several options for places to hide.

Ickis’s large ears are very sensitive, allowing him to hear the softest of sounds. Strangely enough, they’re even sensitive enough to catch the occasional radio transmission.

As a monster in general, he also possesses certain traits that humans don’t. Anything vile and disgusting is wonderful and tasty to Ickis. In essence, he’s a natural garbage disposal, feeding off of what humans deem to be unfit for their consumption such as trash, anything metallic, and motor oil. (Ickis also enjoys insects, often times still alive.) Also, since monsters generally live in the sewers, by relaxing his body, Ickis can pass through the smallest of piping and enter into homes via their toilets, a fast and effective mode of travel.

Because he eats garbage—some of which is rather thick metal—his fangs are extremely sharp, aided by the fact that he files them every day with a metal file. His claws are also very sharp and can slice through many materials.

Like all monsters, Ickis can create nightmares in humans by licking his fore claw and sticking it in an ear, stimulating the brain to produce terrors.

Ickis’s confidence issues lead him to being too hard on himself. Being the son of a great scarer, he and everyone around him set the bar for him quite high. While he might attempt to shift the blame for his failures to someone else, he often times gets depressed about them instead, seeing them as evidence that he’ll never be worth anything.

Also, since Ickis is still quite young (in monster terms), he hasn’t fully mastered Looming. While he can use it successfully, often times his natural abilities have failed him by not working very well if at all.

As a scarer, Ickis’s appearance works against him constantly. Targets are more inclined to cuddle with him than flee in terror. He’s often-times been called a rabbit, which he despises.

As a monster, Ickis has trouble with things that humans consider nice. For example, perfume makes him sneeze and cough uncontrollably (or it can even be toxic) while a sugary sweet movie will cause pleasant dreams. (For a restful night’s sleep, monsters dream nightmares.) Also, human food can have unpredictable effects. As an example of this, Ickis once ate a chocolate bunny to show his anger at rabbits and ended up sleep-scaring, performing spectacular scares in his sleep and having no memory of them after waking up.

In addition, Ickis has an air sac that he has to fill with polluted air (such as from a dump or a garbage can) at least once every forty-eight hours in order to survive in the human world.

Notable Possessions:
While his vision has significantly improved since his earliest days at the Academy, Ickis sometimes wears a pair of glasses for reading.

((Pre-series years were filled in by me since we never know exactly what his life was like before then. We get hints in “Chip Off the Old Beast”, but nothing concrete. His age was picked from the air since, judging by the photo from 1927 and various comments throughout the show of some events happening between the main trio as far as fifty years ago, he has to be quite old in human terms yet young in monster terms. Also, the timeline of when Ickis was pulled out of his world is not long after “Wake Me When It’s Over”.))

Ickis was born the only son of Slickis, an incredibly famous scarer who could do practically anything. Unfortunately, the child grew up without a mother when she died while he was still a blob. However, his father did as well of a job as he could do raising his son alone while constantly being in the spotlight. As he grew, however, Ickis felt a lack of closeness with his father since there was always a crowd and it was never just him and Slickis. It would take several years into the Monster Academy before the pair finally found some common ground.

However, by that time the damage had already been done. Coming from a long line of successful scarers, Ickis felt significantly inferior to them when he showed a considerable lack of aptitude for what made his family great. And while he tried to bluff his way during his earliest days at the Academy, it quickly became apparent that he was certainly not anywhere near as accomplished as the rest of his family, so he dropped the act.

He ended up becoming best friends with his two roommates Krumm, the son of a mold farmer, and Oblina, the daughter of two rather wealthy monsters. The trio went on many scaring adventures together including a trip to Egypt back in 1927 that they kept a picture of in their room.

It was while returning to the Monster Academy to show another failed scare that Ickis was whisked away to Econtra.

Econtra History

Housing: Tzu-Epta
Disclaimer: This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg by cybra2003.
[Aaahh!! Real Monsters/Ickis] © [Klasky Csupo].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.